Who is Ms Anna?

Ms Anna is a facepainter and artist from Chicago, IL



Ms Anna and Facepainting  

Ms Anna discovered facepainting shortly after moving home to Chicago in 2010.    She shared an art studio with a large marching band that had a facepainter, Amy Joiner,  who inspired Anna to purchase her first few cakes of facepaint from Fantasy Costumes in Portage Park.   Anna began facepainting professionally in 2014 and relies mainly on word of mouth for bookings.    2017 has been Ms Anna's busiest to date.   She has painted for a variety of sized events, for single makeup appointments, for birthdays for girls and boys of many themes and ages, and for large events for park districts, schools, churches, and more.   Anna is looking forward to continuing to paint, learning new techniques, and working with other talented artists and performers going into 2018.


 Anna's Biography

Anna was born in Chicago and grew up in Chicago's western suburbs.   Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Anna's parents often brought Anna to visit their birthplace and special places to them like Crater Lake, Cannon Beach, The Redwood ForestAshland and Grants Pass, so much so that they almost feel like a second home to Anna.    Anna lived and worked in Portland, Oregon from 2004-2010 until she decided to return home to Chicago where she currently lives with her partner Craig in Rogers Park by the beach.     


Anna's 9th Birthday with her family and long lost Aunt Jimella in Jimella's wonderful restaurant, The Ark.    Cir 1990

Anna's 9th Birthday with her family and long lost Aunt Jimella in Jimella's wonderful restaurant, The Ark.    Cir 1990

Biography continued:

Ms Anna's birthday at Jimella's Ark changed her life forever.     Here was this mysterious, long lost sister to Anna's dad with this five star, gourmet restaurant at the edge of the world in Nachotta, WA (about 20 miles in the ocean just north of Astoria, OR (Goonies)) The Ark Restaurant.  Oh my goodness, The Hygge!! The ambiance, the twinkle lights and ribbons, the sparkles, and laughter.   Anyone who lived anywhere near that area during the 80's, 90's, and early 00's might know exactly what this was like.  It was magic.    Everything about it.   The view of Willapa Bay, the Wild Life, Larry picking Oysters right out of the Bay to bring to your table. The Gardens where the garnishments for the entrees were grown.   The table settings.  The casual yet formal presentation.   It was like walking into Titainia's Kingdom from Midsommer Nights Dream or into the ghost of Christmas present's Cornucopia.   This was art from a deep well of creation!!  I do not know how else to describe this birthday and what it meant to ms Anna.  She just knows that before this date and after this date created completely different trajectories.   There was life before Jimella's example, and life after. 


"Looking back at what gets me excited about painting for birthdays...it seems a lot like it comes from that birthday that had been given to me.  If I can create any part of that in my own way for someone else, I consider it an enormous win." -ms Anna


“I just LOVE how much face painting can add to an event, how memorable and magical it makes everything.   If you can take away anything about me, about my history, all the art and shows, having a crawl in art gallery, buying local, facepainting, and the stories, it’s this- The most important thing is the magic.   I don’t just want to dream of a magical world, or to sell you a magical world.  I want to live in one.” -ms Anna


Anna would love to hear from you!  

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