Who is Ms Anna?

I am a facepainter, story writer, and art maker from Chicago, IL

Ms Anna cir 2014

Ms Anna cir 2014

Ms Anna and Facepainting  

Ms Anna has been facepainting for the last several years.  Because she loves to live paint at festivals and because she writes and illustrates children's stories, Ms Anna thought it would be fun to try out painting on the kids instead of on a canvas.    The result was a hit and Ms Anna has been face painting at festivals and events since with much praise.

Some of Anna's recent clients include Dunkin Donuts Irving Park Group, Sunshine Dance Academy, Chicago Dance and Music Academy, One Strange Bird, Chicago Public Schools Falconer Elementary, and Ralph Lauren 750 N Michigan Store and The Chicago Park District Northerly Island where Ms Anna painted over 175 faces in under four hours with no one having to wait more than 30 minutes for paint (There was a lot of planning and organizing that went into this specific event for that amount of faces, but it actually can be done). 

“I just LOVE how much face painting can add to an event, how memorable and magical it makes everything.   If you can take away anything about me, about my history, all the art and shows, having a crawl in art gallery, buying local, facepainting, and the stories, it’s this- The most important thing is the magic.   I don’t just want to dream of a magical world, or to sell you a magical world.  I want to live in one.” -ms Anna

For more details about hiring Ms Anna for facepainting, please visit the facepainting page.


 Anna's Biography


Anna self published (wrote and illustrated) Everyone Can Hula Hoop but me...in 2013 and , SillyFace, in November 2014.  Anna has more stories in the works to self publish in 2015 including The Little Book of Laughing and The Hatchi Catchi Wu.


Anna has been showing art around the united states in coffee shops, on the street, at festivals, and in a few galleries including LunarBoy Gallery in Astoria, Oregon and Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, since 2004 after graduating with her BFA from Northern Illinois University.    Anna lived and worked in Portland, Oregon for six years where she hosted a non-profit and very unique art gallery, The Coeur.   The Coeur, at only 3' high, was a very unique gallery which housed over 36 art shows in it's four year existence including a Crawl in Satin Womb my Amy Jorgensen, A Paper Mache Crawl in Puppet Theatre by Alisha Wessler, A Dance Performance by POV Dance, a 200 person Group Show, and work by many of Portland's finest artists including Amy Ruppel, Jill Bliss, Jennifer Mercede, Chris Haberman, Jesse Reno, Morgaine Faye, Ashley Montegue, Nicole Linde, Flora Bowley, Chuck E Bloom and many many more.   


Anna currently lives and works from her Art Studio in East Pilsen and is planning a big year of showing Art in Festivals, Face Painting, making new work, and self Publishing The Little Book of Laughing and The Hatchi Catchi Wu. 




Anna is also a licensed massage therapist and currently works 36 hours/week between two different spas.  Visit her official art portfolio for more details http://www.annatodaro.com

Come visit ms Anna’s beautifully decorated Pilsen art studio every second friday where Anna offers stories, face painting, and new original work.  



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